The CIO in Higher Education

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The CIO in Higher Education: Best Practices in Leadership, Governance and Strategy. By Peter Adams

This book describes the current issues, processes and best practices are in a university environment.  University IT departments typically support multiple aspects of the university’s operations, including teaching, research and business functions.  Budgets are often complex, being split between ITS (Information Technology Services), schools, departments, business units and grant holders.  The stakeholders for IT operations include students, professors, research staff, support staff, the community, the state and the nation.  IT governance must include input from all of the stakeholders and must provide a transparent decision making process so that the highest priority outcomes are addressed and those whose priorities were not met due to limited resources understand the reasoning behind the choices that were made. 
Technology provides a mission critical backbone to the operations of both business and educational institutions without which they could not operate.  Information systems and processes are becoming exponentially more complex and require increasing levels of discipline, planning, governance and foresight to manage securely and effectively.  Technological change presents challenges and opportunities for gaining competitive advantage for the organizations with the capacity to implement change, not just in the technology that is put into place, but in the behaviors and attitudes of those who use it on a day-to-day basis.