Frequently Asked Questions

Our contact information

By email:
Business email address: info@omniportraits.com or info@boatportraits.com

By standard mail:
Omniportraits, LLC
3790 Longwood Ave.
Boulder, CO 80305

By phone:
720-353-9350 (between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. mountain time zone)

What is your process?

It’s simple. When you place your order, you will receive an automatic email with specific instructions. You send us one or more pictures and your instructions for what you would like in your painting. You may specify items to be added or removed from the pictures, or that colors be changed, so that you get exactly the painting you want. Our artists then get to work, first by sketching your photo in pencil onto canvas. Then they layer the paint, moving from general background to details. Once they are done, we will send you a close up digital image of the painting for your approval or requests for changes. You may make as many changes as you would like until you are 100% happy with the painting. Then, once you have approved of the painting and adequate drying time is allowed, we will ship the painting to you.

How long does it take?

Some paintings take longer than others, but most of our customers receive their painting within three weeks and rarely over five weeks. Our workload, drying time for oil paints, any changes you may have requested, all will impact our final delivery time. If you need a rush order, just let us know and we will do everything we can do to expedite your order in under two weeks for additional charge.

Are there guidelines for photo quality?

The higher resolution your photo, the better. Higher resolution photos let our painters see every bit of detail that you want to get into your painting. We can paint from virtually any photo, but the clearer it is, the easier it will be for us to paint. If you are sending from a digital camera, set your camera to high resolution. If you are scanning a paper photograph, be sure to use 300 dpi (dots per inch) resolution.

Can I combine multiple photos?

Combining multiple photos into one is never a problem. Because we are painting your artwork by hand, we can easily customize the work for you.

What if I have black and white originals?

If you have old family photos that are black and white, we can paint them in black and white, or, if you like, we can add color to them. Just let us know what colors you would like.

Can I specify a special background?

If you would like to remove a background from your photo and have a solid color or alternate background, no problem. Just let us know what color/s you would like.

What if I need a custom painting size that you do not list on your site?

We can paint your painting in any size you would like. If the standard sizes listed don’t meet your needs, just let us know and we’ll provide a custom quote for you.

What is a “figure”?

A figure is a person, pet or complex subject in your painting. If you send a picture of you with your dog, then that would be two figures. A landscape without people, or a photo of a house would be one figure. If you are not sure, just email us your photo and we’ll be glad to let you know.

What if I need more than Six Figures?

You may have as many figures as you would like in your painting. Especially larger canvas sizes may accommodate many more. To calculate the price, simply add the difference between one and two figures in the size of canvas you would like for each additional figure, or contact us for a quote.

How will you ship my painting?

We will ship via DHL, FedEx, TNS Express, or similar carriers, depending on the ultimate destination. We can ship anywhere world wide for a flat rate of $29.00 per order, regardless of the number of paintings that you order at any one time. We ship everything fully insured, so if your painting is lost or damaged in transit, it will be replaced free of charge.

How will my painting be packed for shipping?

Your painting will be rolled into a sturdy shipping tube for safe transit. When you receive your painting you may choose to stretch the canvas yourself (it’s easy, here’s a demonstration http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkToBRa-O-U) Your framer can also stretch your painting for you.

Is my payment on your site secure?

Yes, we use Paypal to process our payments. Paypal is well known as one of the most secure means of payment on the web. You may use your Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover Card on the Paypal system. You do not need to already have a Paypal account set up, but if you do, you may also transfer funds from your Paypal account. If you are more comfortable with writing a check or money order, that’s fine. You may mail your payment to us.

Do you have a program for partners?

If you are a Photographer, Veterinarian, Real Estate Specialist, Interior Decorator, Fly Fishing Guide, or other professional that encounters an opportunity to offer your clients an additional service with custom hand painted oil portraits, please contact us for details on our referral program. We can provide you with Shelf-Talkers, brochures and other promotional materials to help you earn commissions for every sale you refer to us. Please contact us at info@omniportraits.com for more information.

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