Hand Painted Portrait Reseller

Photographers, art dealers, fly fishing guides, wedding planners, yacht brokers, real estate, clubs and organizations, veterinarians, or other professionals who encounter opportunites to offer your clients additioanal services with custom hand painted oil portraits.

Painted portraits can be of anything including people, animals, boats, cars, nature, landscapes, homes, vacation spots, sports or other activities.

Photographers have an opportunity to capture the essence of their subject in a photo which may then be expressed in the timeless medium of oil painting.

Wedding planners, guides, and brokers can offer portrait services as an additional product area to help people capture meaningful moments in their lives.

Professionals and non-profit groups can take advantage of income producing possibilities through our affiliate and reseller programs.

How it works:
We have several programs to choose from:


The affiliate program works on a referral basis. You may refer clients to any of our portrait sites and receive a 10% commission on all sales. This is a great program for clubs and organizations that are looking for an easy way to increase their fund-raising ability without significant additional effort. A link placed on your site to our portraits site will automatically track sales from you. If you don't want to use your website to drive referrals, you may simply tell your clients to put your name in the "comments" field and we will credit you with your 10% referral bonus.


The reseller program provides an opportunity for professionals to increase their income from painted portrait sales. Resellers take a more active role in the ordering process and may personally deliver the portrait to their clients. Resellers can mark-up our portraits by 200-300% for a significant profit potential. In addition, resellers buy portraits from this site at a 10% discount off of our already low web prices. A suggested resale price list is provided here for your convenience.

Selling Tools:

For resellers who have a retail location, we can provide brochures and a plexiglass holder. The brochures have no mention of omniportraits name or web address and can be personalized with your business name.

Sample Art:
For resellers witha retail location, Omniportraits will provide one demonstration portrait in any size or subject that you like for 50% off the Omniportraits.com web price.

Easy On-Line Ordering:
Our process makes it easy for you to place and track orders. Simply order through this special site set up for resellers and we will take care of the rest.

10% discount off Omniportraits.com web prices for resellers.

Referral Bonuses:
10% referral bonus for all referrals to Omniportraits.com for established affiliates.

Omniportaits is always available to answer your questions and to help with special orders. Please give us a call at (720)353-9350 if we can help in any way.

We are proud of the quality that goes into each and every product we deliver. We want every customer to experience the pleasure of owning a custom hand painted portrait that is meaningful to them.

Your Client's Satisfaction Guaranteed: Before we ship any painting, we will prepare a detailed digital image of the painting for your review. If, after reviewing the painting, your client finds something they would like to have changed, we will change it at no additional cost. We will make however many changes are needed ot ensure that you get the product you want. If, after receiving the painting, they are not satisfied, then you may return the painting to us within seven days for a full refund, less shipping costs.

Sale Price List

(Good Through 12/31/2009)

# of Figures 8x10 12x16 16x20 20x24 24x36 36x48 48x72
1 75.00 146.25 187.50 221.25 375.25 446.25 712.50
2 93.75 172.50 221.25 266.25 416.25 506.25 810.00
3 116.25 198.75 255.00 311.25 461.25 566.25 935.00
4 138.75 225.00 288.75 356.25 506.25 626.25 1035.00
5 161.25 251.25 322.50 401.25 551.25 686.25 1130.00
6 183.75 277.50 356.25 446.25 596.25 746.25 1230.00

Preview Image

What is a “figure”?
A figure is a person, pet or complex subject in your painting. If you send a picture of you with your dog, then that would be two figures. A landscape without people, or a photo of a house would be one figure. If you are not sure, just email us your photo and we’ll be glad to let you know.

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