Strategic Scenarios Information Technology Strategic Planning

Information Technology teams have special needs for strategic planning. IT departments need to align their projects and operations to broader organizational objectives and strategies. In some cases these objectives and strategies are not clearly understood. In these cases we can help to build a roadmap to help guide your strategies.

We help IT organizations increase efficiency, achieve better alignment with organizational goals, achieve on-time/on-budget software development and project management objectives and to break operational silos both within various IT functions and with other departments in the organization.

We view IT operations in a model that parallels Maslow's Hierarchy of needs. The IT hierarchy of needs is built upon a foundation of providing "IT Utility" including network and telecom infrastructure including cabling, servers, firewalls, routers, switches, backup systems, workstations and peripherals.

Governance is the second level of IT operations which should be fully developed in mature IT organizations includes well documented and executed practices and procedures for service delivery, change management, software development lifecycle, disaster recovery, clear decision making processes, communications and reporting. These organizations have often implemented ITIL or CoBit processes for service delivery and Agile or Extreme Programming techniques instead of traditioanal "waterfall" processes.

The highest level of the IT hierarchy is the Strategic level. Here, IT organizations fully understand every area of the organizations' operations including supply chain, marketing/business development, research/product development, human resources, finance and operations. In advanced IT organizations, IT may initiate strategies to help the organization achieve its strategic plan and in others IT may respond to departmental requests for IT programs and services. In advanced IT organizations the CIO reports to the President/CEO and may sit in on board of directors meetings in order to have a direct understanding of the issues and challenges facing the organization.

Strategic Scenarios works with IT teams to develop realistic and workable performance metrics at each level of IT operations in order to create transparency, shared goals and a clear understanding of what success looks like.