Strategic Scenarios Strategic Marketing Plan

The core of any strategic plan is the Strategic Marketing Plan.  In its broadest sense the Strategic Marketing Plan includes everything from product development, pricing, promotion, production and quality control to logistics and delivery.   All operations of the company ultimately should be focused on marketing.

The core foundation of the Strategic Marketing Plan is the Brand Statement. The brand contains the fundamental DNA that says what the organization is all about. Organizations without a clear brand statement suffer in the marketplace. Brand execution is an important and commonly overlooked function of the marketing plan. Brand execution includes everything from your website, print and media ads, social media presence and office decor to how your people dress and the way that they interact with your clients and suppliers.

Ultimately all types of Strategic Plans have the same fundamental components.  These include the mission, vision and values of the organization and  the enunciation of objectives and strategies.  There are many different tools and processes which will be employed to drive this process, depending on the desired outcomes. 
Strategic Scenarios has a suite of strategic planning tools that focus on market analysis, focus groups and buyer psychology, competitive analysis, global trends, product lifecycle analysis, pricing, promotion, production and sales strategies. 

Marketing metrics are a key component of our strategic planning process.  Because market responses are often complex and advertising costs are high, a solid program to measure the Return on Investment (ROI) of your marketing program must be in place. 

Strategic Scenarios works with advertising agencies and web developers to develop clear performance goals that can be tracked through your SEO/ SEM, print, social media, mail and email campaigns.

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