Strategic Scenarios Strategic Planning Process


We are “innovation process consultants”.  We help organizations develop strategic innovation plans so that they can take control of the future rather than the other way around.

Strategic Scenarios works with your organization to create a custom approach using proprietary tools and techniques that blend planning and execution to overcome the "innovation gap" and "execution gap". Our motto is "Envision the future, then create the future"

We have analyzed the top ten reasons strategic plans fail in organizations and have developed a system that addresses the points of failure in traditional strategic planning by incorporating an advanced environment scan to better understand the true internal and external circumstances your organization faces; developing future scenarios, not to predict the future, but to plan for many possible outcomes; using a communication and constant reinforcement plan; conducting a competency gap analysis to identify new training or hiring needs; assessing business structures and processes to understand conflicts with the new strategies; development of individual action plans, aligned with the organization's goals and tied to individual compensation programs; developing detailed metrics to understand what drives the organization to achieve its objectives and to track and encourage individual performance, and dashboards to track and communicate results on a regular basis to all stakeholders.

Each plan has its own unique requirements and the tools and processes are used selectively to achieve the individual organization's goals most efficiently and effectively.

strategic planning process