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Strategic Scenarios' services are all custom engagements, affordable for any size organization and are tailored to your organizations' needs. Engagements may run from a half day mini-planning session or a typical two day planning engagement, to multiple engagements with multi-day planning sessions and reinforcement activities as needed over several months.

There are three phases to any strategic plan: Preparation, Facilitation and Execution. Strategic Scenarios brings a toolkit of possible approaches for each phase, according to your needs and budget.

Strategic Planning Toolkit

Strategic Planning Checklist
Trends (Global/Regional Economic, Environmental, Technological, Social, Political, Legal/Regulatory)
Industry Analysis
Competitive Analysis/ Porter's Five Forces
Internal Capabilities (Managerial, Financial, Technical, Marketing)
Client Survey
Staff Survey

Strategic Planning Facilitation
Mission, Vision, Values
Future Scenarios Worksession
Prioritization: Liklihood and impact analysis
Objectives and Strategies
Strategy Maps

Execution Planning
Reinforcement Plan
Balanced Scorecard
Risk Plan
Communication Planning
Alignment and Individual Action Planning
Resource Plan: (Budget, Human Resources, Other)
Organizational Structure and Process Analysis
Competency Gap Analysis
Competency Development Planning